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We have one mission at Capitol High School.

That is to do whatever it takes to move the school forward so that it becomes the best in Baton Rouge, the best in Louisiana, and the best in the country.

To accomplish this audacious goal, we are focused on providing a world class education that inspires each of our scholars to achieve high academic standards, enjoy learning and develop as ethical, literate, well-rounded and self-sufficient citizens who contribute actively to their communities.

We recognize the Capitol has a rich history and a tradition of excellence. That’s why we emphasize our mission so that our scholars and their families completely and totally embody that mission.

Within our mission is the desire for our scholars to positively influence the world around them through problem solving, technological innovations, or in various other ways. Also within our mission is the unstated challenge to our faculty and staff to use all resources at our disposal to ensure that by the time our scholars leave us that they are not only equipped to make it to a college or university, but that they are equipped educationally, emotionally, and socially to make it through college to graduation.

Under the Capitol model our scholars benefit from innovative, research-based classroom instruction, 21st century technology, and an exceptional team of teachers, administrators, and staff. We will work tirelessly with our scholars to achieve the very high expectations that we have for them and that they have for themselves.

Our academies are design to help our scholars determine the best post-secondary education for their goals and dreams to become reality. From our Freshman Academy to lacrosse, we have something to offer every scholar that walks through our doors.

We are grateful for the opportunity to educate our scholars and help them to fulfill their dreams. Capitol is a school that is steeped in a rich tradition of education and has been a pillar of the Baton Rouge community. We will continue that tradition, cherish and enhance it by providing our scholars with a high school education that is second to none. We expect nothing less because, “The Power is in the Pride.”

Justin Blanchard 

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