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The Early College Academy is designed to provide qualifying CHS scholars the opportunity to experience college level academics. Scholars will have the opportunity to garner college credits through both Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) courses as early as 9th grade. The increased rigor of these offerings will familiarize scholars with the thinking, writing, problem-solving, and research skills they will see on a university campus. Research shows that students who are introduced to college level courses in high school are more likely to graduate from high school and significantly more likely to enroll in college and earn a degree.

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DE: College Algebra

A study of the real and complex number systems; sets and equations; simultaneous equations and matrices; inequalities; functions and relations; polynomials; algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions; sequences and series.


DE: English Composition I

A course designed to teach students basic writing skills, the writing of basic types of paragraphs, and the writing of short essays/compositions.

DE: English Composition II

Continued practice in written communication skills, writing of expository and argumentative papers and the development of research papers.

Prerequisite: English Composition I


DE: Ethics

An introduction to the works of some major moral theorists of the Western philosophical and religious tradition. The course explores the significance of those theorists to understanding of the nature of the “good life” as well as the scope of human moral responsibilities.


DE: Humanities

An interdisciplinary course designed to provide a broad-based humanistic study of world cultures with emphases on music, art, and philosophy. Special emphasis is placed on the contributions of African -Americans to the development of world culture in these three areas.



This course provides an overview of computer information systems and extensive hands-on-exercises using application software. The emphasis placed on computer hardware, software, and mastery of software applications including word-processing, spreadsheets, database management system, and presentation as well as communication tools. Furthermore, students are also exposed to technology research tools and other emerging social media technologies such as blogs, wiki, podcasting, and Google applications. Students learn techniques to search, evaluate, corroborate, and quote information found online. A graphic-based operating system is also covered.

Physical Education


An emphasis is on the need to maintain or increase muscular strength and to maintain good heart and lung efficiency.


A continuation of Fundamentals of Health & Fitness I.


DE: Principles of Management

This course provides an examination of motivational theory and its application to individual and group functioning in the work place and home. Analysis of leadership styles relative to particular circumstances and their effect on productivity are also studied.

Foreign Language

DE: Spanish I

First of two courses focused on the development of multilingual literacy through guided practice of oral Spanish to achieve linguistic (present tense, pronouns, nouns, adjectives), and communicative Interactional competence (complementing, requesting, responding, giving opinions).

DE: Spanish II

Continuation of SPAN 2301. Second course focuses on the development of multilingual literacy through guided practice of oral Spanish to achieve linguistic (present, past and future tense, pronouns, nouns, adjectives), and communicative interactional competence (reactions, opinions, turn-taking).

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