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Cultivating Workforce Ready Scholars

At Capitol we are committed to making sure our scholars are workforce ready. They need to be ready to tackle whatever challenges they may face after leaving our doors. We want to make sure that our scholars are well rounded and contributing to their communities regardless of the roles they play in their future organizations. This is why we are committed to providing skills and tools that will be necessary for them to be successfully functional.

A part of this commitment, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, is providing the option for scholars to receive certifications in tools that are industry specific and that they will actually use in the workplace. A few of the certifications offered include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Enterprise and CompTia. The Microsoft Word certification equips scholars with the tools to be proficient in a program that is used in many workplaces today, regardless of field. Microsoft Enterprise lays a good foundation of the entrepreneurial mindset, specifically in the small business world. CompTIA provides a great stepping stone to the Information Technology (IT) world, familiarizing scholars with industry jargon and preparing them to think about things in the IT mindset.

Each of these certifications will allow scholars to stand out from other job seeking high school graduates and college applicants. We are confident that one our scholars graduate with these certifications under their belts they will be able to acquire industry experience in their fields before matriculating to higher forms of training on the job.