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Capitol Values

What sets Capitol a part from other area schools is our values. We value integrity, responsibility, confidence, caring, commitment, patience, persistence and respect. We know these values combined top notch instruction will allow us to give our scholars a well rounded education.

We are integrous. Even when not presented with the clearest option, we choose to do the right thing.

We are responsible. No matter where we are we practice responsibility by making choices to prioritize our future.

We are confident! Lions are confident that we can successfully complete every task, exceed expectations and overcome obstacles.

We are caring. In preparing to be well rounded scholars, we realize that we have to care about not only ourselves and the things around us, but situations and people outside of our direct reach.

We are committed. Everyday, we practice actions that will set us up for success. We are committed to creating and maintaining habits that will make us win.

We are patient. Although we are ready to win and show everyone what Lions are made of, we realize that true growth takes time. So we operate in grace and are patient with ourselves on this journey.

We are persistent! We never give up. The job is not complete unless we’ve given it our all.

We are respectful. Even though we may not agree with each other on some topics, we remain respectful in and out of the classroom so that everyone is included.

What are some of your values? How are you practicing to succeed? If you haven’t thought about your values before, try jotting down a few and asking yourself why they’re important to you and how they will help you succeed.