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Top Five College Readiness Tips

It’s never too early to start thinking about college. No matter if your student is a freshman, sophomore or junior here are five tips to get them prepared for college.

 1. Go on college tours. 

The best way to get the feel of a college campus is to actually visit one. Some schools host specific college days filled with activities or you can always call ahead to schedule a tour any day.

2. Sign up for the SAT or ACT.

You don’t have to be in a certain grade to take the SAT or ACT. By taking the test early on students get a feel of what the test is like and have a better opportunity to increase their score.

3. Strengthen time management skills.

Time management is very important in college. Students have much more freedom to make their own choices, however, finding the balance between social life and academics can be hard. No one is going to constantly remind them of the paper that due or test they have to complete online by 11:59. Help your child get in the habit of managing their time wisely in high school so by the time they reach college, they have mastered time management.

4. Research different majors and career paths.

Encourage your child to explore their interests by having them research various career paths and majors. Do they love video games? Some schools offer video game design degrees. Do they have a passion for fashion? Explore majors like fashion design, fashion merchandising and more. Did you know students can even major in social media in college?

5. Take a class that offers college credit.

What better way to dive into college coursework than to take a class? Students can earn college credit through dual enrollment and AP courses through Capitol’s Early College Academy. Once they start college they will already have credits under their belt and know what to expect before they enroll.