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10 Reasons Why Parents Choose Capitol High

There are many, many reasons why parents choose to send their children to Friendship Capitol High.

We decided we wouldn’t keep these reasons all to ourselves. We decided we’d share them with you!

This is where peers become family

Each member of the Friendship Capitol High School community is regarded as family: students, parents, teachers, board members and in-school leaders. Each of these groups work as a unit for the best interest of the ones poised to lead the future–the students.

FCHS sees and celebrates success

Last year, FCHS has grown in both student size and school score, turning a corner for faculty, staff and students. Jumping 42 points from 2015 to 2016, the school celebrated its success with a pep rally, a joyous time for the Friendship family.

We leave an indelible mark on the student’s life, past and present

Alumni celebrates with the students of today by sending their kids to FCHS, donating money and time and giving back to the community in general.

FCHS is dedicated to student success from start to finish and even beyond to college

FCHS says that “The path to college starts here” and the school’s new measures to ensure scholar development back it up. New sports teams and a grant from the prestigious Leading Educators organization will set students on the path to success to ensure greater outcomes.

We work with those who care

Leading Educators granted FCHS’s ninth and tenth grade students with with take home laptops to extend the impact of achievement from school into the home as well. Also partnering with Delgado Community College, students have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school, propelling them to academic success before they even cross the graduation stage.

FCHS is Baton Rouge-backed

Capitol High proudly partners with community organizations to put the community into the school successfully and vice versa.

This is the place where leaders are made

Many of Capitol City’s officials and leaders are products of Friendship Capitol High School, such as retired educator Marianne Tansil, State Rep. Barbara Carpenter, Pastor Raymond Jetson, etc. They have all walked FCHS halls as both illustrious students and alumni on their respective paths to success.

FCHS holds itself to state and national standards to be the best for its students

Even with partnerships and FCHS’ rise in school score, there is still work to be done. Executive Director Brian Beck and co. are dedicated to continuing to meet and surpass the standard for Baton Rouge’s schools

Everyone has a common goal.

As Friendship’s website says, the school and its family share common values of integrity, persistence, patience, caring, confidence and more. When there is a common goal for all to achieve, success is much more possible.

Students believe in the school and when that happens, they believe in themselves.

Since its first year of operation, more than 90 percent of FCHS students graduated on time. With recent measures to improve student outcomes, they are becoming more optimistic and prepared to be one of the first in their families to graduate.

Why would you choose Capitol High? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments on Facebook or in the comment section below!