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What Parents Say About Our Pride

We absolutely love our parents.

And guess what?

They love us, too!

We thought we’d spread a little of that love around and bring it to you.

That’s why we recently rounded up the mothers of Class of 2016 alumni Te’ar Brown and Hiejaleeka Williams who both have siblings enrolled at Capitol, Kendra Brown (Te’ar’s sister) and Lee’Ontay Robertson (Hiejaleeka’sbrother) along with the mother of Jaylin Washington to hear what they had to say about our Pride. We specifically asked them the question: why’d you choose Capitol?

Their answers are just what we suspected – amazing.

Take a look at what they had to say:

Ayana Brown, mother of current scholar Kendra Brown and alum Te’ar Brown

I am a proud alumna of Capitol High School. It’s in my blood. I chose to send my children here specifically because this is MY school, and I am excited about seeing it be restored back to greatness.

Shawonda Jackson, mother of Jaylin Washington

It was an easy choice for me. I chose Capitol because I believe in the vision of Friendship and their leadership. Plus, I am an alumna; I wanted my child to have a wonderful experience just as I did.

Le’Swanke Robertson, mother of current scholar Lee’Ontay Robertson and alum Hiejaleeka Williams

I believe the administration and the teachers at Capitol want the best for our children. I believe they want them to be successful. When it came time to enroll my children in high school, I wanted them to be in a place where they could thrive. Capitol High School is that place.