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Five Reasons Why We Love Our Pride

Once you join the Pride, there’s no turning back. And we’re fortunate that all of our cubs-turned-lions wouldn’t have it any other way!

February is all about spreading the love, and we’re excited to share with you our top five reasons why we love Friendship Capitol High School.

We have the best alumni.

Once a lion, always a lion.

Our alumni are active and engaged. Our alumni are constantly finding new and exciting ways to support our school. From donating their money and time to advising us on how to make new friends within the community to coming back to teach our scholars in the classroom to choosing to send their own children here, our alumni are the best in the world.

If you walk on to our campus at any time during the day, you’re likely to bump into a proud Capitol-bred Lion. Our alumni support us. Being a lion is just that serious.

Our history is deep.

Capitol High School has the one of the highest profiles among high schools in Baton Rouge.

Our rich history and tradition of excellence has no doubt contributed to our prominence in the city. We take pride in that history and we use that sense of tradition to instill great values and leadership skills into our scholars sitting in the classroom today.

In addition to our large and active alumni network, many of the Capitol City’s leaders graduated from our school in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Civic and community leaders such as State Rep. C. Denise Marcelle, State Rep. Barbara Carpenter, Bishop Raymond Johnson, and Pastor Raymond Jetson are counted among our illustrious alumni. Each of these leaders, and several others, embody what we teach our scholars to embrace each and every day. We mold our scholars to become servant leaders who take pride in volunteering their time to improve the community they love.

We keep it in the community.

We are truly a neighborhood school. Not only do most of our students originate from north Baton Rouge neighborhoods, many of our community partners do, too. Our partners include larger organizations such as Communities In Schools and the Mayor’s Office down to smaller organizations such as the iG.L.A.M Academy and the Baton Rouge Bulldogs youth football team who use our facilities to host practices and study halls. These are just some of the many ways we work to bring the community to our school while also extending our school to the community.

We change lives.

We keep saying this because it is totally true: The Path to College Starts Here. Many of our scholars enter our classes without much hope of graduating on time, let alone attending college. When students enter our doors – no matter where they’ve been before or what issues they’ve had in the past – they’re being prepped for success beyond high school. All of our graduating seniors are accepted into a two-year or four-year college. From intimidated freshmen to future college graduates, that’s most certainly life changing.

Our scholars are excelling.

Friendship Capitol High School is poised to become one of the best in the city and the great state of Louisiana. Our school recently earned the distinction of showing most academic growth of any school in the entire state of Louisiana.