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In the Lion’s Den, Our Teachers’ Beam With Pride

We’ve been sharing why our teachers love our school all month long.

At Capitol, our teachers are our greatest asset, and we couldn’t do the great work of educating our scholars without their dedication. Our teachers mold those who will become our future leaders, and for this, we appreciate them.

They truly are the backbone of our school.

As important members of the FCHS family, it is even more important for teachers to love what they do. And fortunately for us, they absolutely love it!

Here’s a look at what some of our teachers had to say:

English III teacher Rhonda Allmon said, “It is very fulfilling and exciting. I get enjoyment knowing that I am touching someone’s heart. In return, knowing that I’m aiding students brings joy to my heart.”

Biology teacher Monica Jackson Green said, “I’m truly humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to continue to witness and contribute to their academic growth and success. When students realize that a teacher genuinely cares for them, they work hard and strive to reach their goals. My investment in their education inspires them to persevere and do their very best. I’m passionate about teaching and reaching my scholars wherever they are.”

Civics and history teacher Jada Cain said, “Being that I’m from Baton Rouge, I love being able to mold the minds of students who grew up in similar circumstances. It’s personal to me, I’m a product of the environment. It’s important for the students to have teachers that look like they do. I love doing my part.”

Lead English instructor Takeisha Russell-Walker said, “Every day at Capitol is adventurous. My students are like my family, we overcome obstacles as a unit. The students lean on us for support and I enjoy every minute of it.”

Biology teacher Lisa Hall Chapman said, “The children make my day. Because the school has a small student body, it makes us all feel like family.”

Indeed, teaching is a job that has many merits and is another way that we strive to put our students out into a community that cares for them–a community from which our whole family hails, even the teachers. We are like an extended family here at FCHS, and it shows.

Academic growth is key for success at FCHS and when teachers are invested, students win and students winning is the ultimate goal for all members of the Lions family.

Take a look at some of our teachers doing the amazing work they love at Capitol!